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UPS And BatteryUPS And BatteryUPS And BatteryUPS And Battery

UPS And Battery

  • Model: GFM-200
    Rated Voltage(V):2V
  • Rated Capacity(Ah):200Ah
    Product Design Life: 8 Years(20℃)
  • Dimension:171x107x335x345
  • Place of Origin: Shandong, China;
    Certification: Ce, ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001,IEC61427,CNAS,WSF
  • Product description: Allgrand upgrade 2V series UPS and battery, UPS & battery, UPS battery low price from China plant for telecom

GFM-200 Allgrand upgrade 2V series UPS and battery, UPS & battery, UPS battery low price from China plant for telecom

Range Features

  1. Lifespan 30% longer than ordinary lead-acid battery.The unique technology of German gel colloid, fumed silica is added to the electrolyte, the electrolyte does not stratify, extend the battery life;
  2. Efficiency:  gel battery have an efficiency 80-85%;
  3. A long lifespan: Design life 12 years, permitting storage for extended period of time;
  4. absorbent glass mat(AGM) technology for superior performance;
  5. Polymer epoxy sealing technology, Glue secondary sealing to ensure no leakage;
  6. Low self-discharge: Special alloy grid to control the separator ensure reliable performance in UPS and telecom applications;
  7. Float life is prolonged by our propriety corrosion resistant alloy.
  8. Safety and free maintenance: Safety valve prevent external gas and sparks from external into the battery, causing discharge or bursting;
  9. Super ABS shell, flame retardant;
  10. Impacts from earthquakes are reduced by compact seismic ABS jars and covers;
  11. Battery management system(BMS) controls the parameters of the battery to provide optimum safety and performance

Allgrand Service

  1. An ideal all-in-one solution;
  2. OEM/ODM battery;
  3. Free pre-sale support for the technical, free design plan;
  4. After-sales service hotline;
  5. A full range of technical support;
  6. Professional after-sales team: integrated technology, market and service, and provides online and on-site maintenance, accessories and technical service at any time according to customer needs;
  7. 24 hour service, customer service technicians provide 7*24 hours time product technical support and solution;
  8. Offer tailored service solution to meet our customers' exact specifications;
  9. Real-time data: tracking, it can track and understand the real-time conditions of the operating batteries at any time, and provide comprehensive power battery operation feedback reports to help customers optimize power system of new energy vehicles;
  10. Full service: customer training;
  11. Complete customer training system Customized training materials Product life cycle training With the development of product manuals.


  1. Data/computing center;
  2. UPS, EPS standby power for Telecom and Mobile  System;
  3. Standby Power for signaling system of railway airport and etc.
  4. Standby power for electrical utilities and nuclear reactors;
  5. Renewable power systems, including solar photovaltaic, Turbines, dams and hybrid power systems

Germany gel technology, fumed silica added to the electrolyte to creat a colloidal state and ensure that the electrolyte is not hierarchical, slow grid corrosion and extend the battery life. Fumed silica is stirred with sulfuric acid to form a non-flowing colloidal structure, which restricts the sedimentation and flow of sulfuric acid, reduces sulfuric acid stratification, and makes battery charge and discharge reactions more uniform and consistent.

The water loss resistance rate of the gel battery is increased by 30%. After the gel battery is used for a period of time, micro cracks are formed in the gel and a stable oxygen recombination channel is formed between the positive and negative electrodes. Reduce water loss rate.

The gel battery as power system for  the emote telemetry or data collection projects are often sited a distance away from the nearest mains supply. Off-grid solar or wind generated power offers a cost-effective remote power solution, capable of being deployed in the remotest of locations. Modern telemetry, RTU and data monitoring equipment is becoming increasingly efficient, requiring  small amounts of power to record and transmit data.The cost of any stand-alone power system is directly related to the amount of power required. As a result, remote solar or wind powered telemetry systems are becoming increasingly viable.Most off-grid power systems  are used to charge deep cycle gel batteries, via charge controller.

Allgrand GFM 2V series in high dependable long life gel battery, have been developed to provide a long service life in critical standby power applications including telecommunications, network communications and military power system.

If you need help selecting the right battery for your particular application feel free to contact us, we have a highly trained and qualified  team of experts that will be more than happy to help you.


Port: Tianjing or Qingdao
Minimum order Quantity:1T
Supply Ability: 1000pcs/M
Payment Terms:  L/T, T/T D/P and others before shipment

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