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  • Lithium Ion UPS
Lithium Ion UPSLithium Ion UPS

Lithium Ion UPS

  • Model: AG-3U-4850
    Rated Voltage(V):51.2V
  • Rated Capacity(Ah):50Ah
    Range of Operation Voltage:40-57.6V
  • Dimension:375x482x133
    Communication protocal:RS485/232/Can/BMS
  • Place of Origin: Shandong, China;
    Certification: Ce, ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001,IEC61427,CNAS,WSF
  • Product description: Allgrand lithium ion ups, 3 phase UPS battery cabinet system, backup UPS power tower & cabinet system China supplier

AG-3U-4850 50Ah Allgrand lithium ion ups, 3 phase UPS battery cabinet system, backup UPS power tower & cabinet system China supplier

Range Features

  1. Less space for battery room;
  2. Long life span;
  3. Collect battery data in real time;
  4. Statistics related to the working state of power;
  5. Complete power protection function;
  6. High depth discharge:Around 80%;
  7. Efficiency:Upwards of 95%;
  8. Compact design :Sleek and lighter,  easier to move, transport and install;
  9. Safety and maintenance free;
  10. Communication protocal: RS485/232/CAN/BMS system.

Allgrand Service

  1. An ideal all-in-one solution;
  2. OEM/ODM battery;
  3. Free pre-sale support for the technical, free design plan;
  4. After-sales service hotline;
  5. A full range of technical support;
  6. Professional after-sales team: integrated technology, market and service, and provides online and on-site maintenance, accessories and techical service at any time according to customer needs;
  7. 24 hour service, customer service technicians provide 7*24 hours time product technical support and solution;
  8. Offer tailored service solution to meet our customers' exact specifications;
  9. Real-time data: tracking, it can track and understand the real-time conditions of the operating batteries at any time, and provide comprehensive power battery operation feedback reports to help customers optimize power system of new energy vehicles;
  10. Full service: customer training;
  11. Complete customer training system Customized training materials Product life cycle training With the development of product manuals.


  1. Smart service room;
  2. Police surveillance;
  3. Communication station;
  4. Data center;
  5. Communication base;
  6. Home energy storage;
  7. Military

The BMS system (Management and monitoring system): the lithium-ion battery integrates BMS, providing cell protection (temp, current, over/ under voltage), cell balancing, state of charge and health and alarms/reports.

Protection: The BMS processes critical parameters such as voltage levels, temperature, and current at the module and solution levels. Abnormal conditions (warnings and alarms) are quickly detected and, if necessary, the BMS will protect the system from damage by disconnecting the affected battery.

Performance optimization: The BMS incorporates cell and module balancing controls. This function optimizes the voltages of each module to maximize performance and increase service life. Backup battery runtimes.

If you need help selecting the right battery for your particular application feel free to contact us, we have a highly trained and qualified  team of experts that will be more than happy to help you.


Port: Tianjing or Qingdao
Minimum order Quantity: 1T
Supply Ability:1000pcs/M
Payment Terms:  L/T, T/T D/P and others before shipment

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