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What Affect The Ups Lead-Acid Gel Battery Lifespan

The life of a sealed lead-acid battery depends on a number of factors, including application, operating temperature and charging method. If you need to charge the SLA battery with a battery charger, choosing the right charger will affect the sealing of the sealed LED acid batteries. The method is as below:

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1. Life expectancy varies greatly depending on the following factors, but 3-5 years is the recommended condition for a sealed lead-acid battery.

2. Excessive vibration and wear can damage the sensitive lead-acid batteries, which ultimately results in the battery only lasting a fraction of its nominal life. For this reason, the nominal life of a VRLA battery is half the life of VLA batteries and the life of a VRLA battery can be as little as three years.
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3. A fully charged 12 volt lead-acid battery starts at 12.8 volts and drops when the voltage is released. Therefore, it is important to keep the voltage of your lead acid battery as low as possible during the first hours of charging. The voltage drop of a fully rechargeable 12 volt lead-acid battery is essentially flat, meaning that 20% of the charged battery will provide the same amount of power as the battery that is charged.

4. L - Acid batteries are typically only good for 500 - 1000 cycles, depending on the manufacturing process, a sealed lead-acid battery can have an energy storage capacity of 1.5 kWh or 2 kWh.

5. In addition, AGM batteries are less susceptible to sulfation and can generally double or even triple the energy storage capacity of lead-acid batteries. The lower internal resistance also means that the batteries can be recharged much faster than a flooded lead acid battery. In most cases, an AGM battery will provide you with twice as much energy per kilowatt hour (kWh) per cycle as an L-acid battery with the same output.
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6. Although it is normal to use a single cycle, lead-acid batteries cannot be discharged beyond their maximum capacity in the past because this negatively affects the battery life. It is recommended to recharge the battery every 3-4 months, but some batteries, such as those of UPS devices, are automatically discharged

7. Flooded Lead - Acid batteries must be refilled once the electrolyte is fully immersed in the battery plate, and they must be refilled regularly with distilled water, which is a tedious maintenance job as the batteries are not recombinant. Flooded batteries do not require sealed lead acid counterparts, as battery slots are difficult to reach and water is lost at the top of the vent cap during charging.

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8. Proper maintenance and storage is required to extend the life of these batteries and prevent energy loss and corrosion of the lead-acid electrolyte. When replacing a UPS battery, use a sealed lead-acid battery with the same electrolytes as those originally contained in the UPS uninterruptible power supply. When the latter group is disassembled, you get a battery that has been flooded with lead, not the sealed lead batteries.


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