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How to maintenance and repair the UPS power system?

Good maintenance and careful repair is one of the best ways to reduce the failure rate of a product, especially in the case of high performance batteries.

Problems that need attention in UPS power supply maintenance:

1. Recognize the importance of timely maintenance of UPS power system supply;
2. UPS power supply working environment is good;
The UPS power supply is composed of a large number of electronic components. These components must be operated in an environment of suitable temperature, relative humidity, ventilation, and cleanliness, otherwise it will easily cause the failure rate to increase and the equipment life to shorten.

3. Establish a regular maintenance system;
The same UPS power supply, because the maintenance and repair levels are different, the failure rate and life span are also different. Ann regularly checks the signals and waveforms of each part of the UPS power supply, finds out the hidden dangers of the equipment in time, and handles them in time to effectively reduce the faults in operation and extend the life of the equipment.

What problems easily occur in UPS power detection?
1. UPS power supply generally consists of 4 parts: rectifier charger, inverter, static bypass switch, and ups battery/ups battery replacement except for battery pack. Namely the power part, drive part, control part and power supply.

Generally, there are three kinds of grounds in UPS power supply (some have one kind). Generally, the control part and the driving part share a common ground, and the driving signal output to the power part is a floating ground. The input and output voltages of the power part are relatively high, so corresponding measures should be taken when testing with an oscilloscope to prevent adverse consequences to the equipment.

2.The testing method generally adopts single-line tracking or split isolation method;
3. In the test and inspection, we must be careful and meticulous, draw a clear line between normal and abnormal, and avoid detours;
4. Accumulate information and prepare spare;
5. Maintenance of intelligent UPS power supply;
For intelligent UPS power supplies, the monitor screen provides users with information on the nature of the fault, the location of the fault, and also provides users with a brief description of how to troubleshoot. Therefore, professional maintenance personnel only need to follow the operation and maintenance manual, and then refer to the prompts on the display screen to eliminate the fault step by step, or carry out the replacement and maintenance of spare parts and spare parts.
6. Other issues that should be paid attention to for maintenance;

1. Check that the ground wire is in good contact;
2. The internal circuit of UPS power supply shall not be changed at will.


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