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How TO Maintenance The Solar Gel Batteries

The fumed gel allows the battery to use the acid electrolyte like a conventional lead-acid battery without additional maintenance. GEL batteries have electrolytes in gel form, so that they do not leak when the batteries are degraded. They also prevent the stratification that other types of batteries can have, such as the formation of a "stratification" between lead and water.

The Solar Gel Batteries should be serviced as described above, but there are different requirements depending on whether you have gel, AGM or flooded batteries.

1.  Another way to prevent the batteries from charging is to use a charge regulator to regulate the charging voltage correctly. If you use solar energy storage system to charge the gel      cells, you will need a charge controller. If you use the solar cell array only for charging a trickle, you do not need to use it, as the charge controllers manage the energy that flows from the electric generator to the battery itself. However, if you use the solar panel to charge a gel cell battery, it may be necessary to use a charge regulator to control the flow.

2. If you are interested in the charging speed of the battery, gel batteries are a good choice, but if you use the batteries in situations with low cycles, you should have a charger for AGM gel batteries.

3. Gel batteries are not as common as AGM lead acid batteries, but they are more acidic, so they protect the plates better than AGM batteries. Gel batteries are also found in motor batteries that run around the solar system, such as solar cells, solar panels and solar power plants.

4.  Lead - Acid batteries do not develop memory and do not need to be discharged completely before charging, so they do not develop memory. Lead - Acid batteries develop memories and don't have to be fully discharged to recharge, but they do.

5.  The battery life is shortened by using a charging method specially adapted to the gel cell's internal chemistry. In fact, the complete discharge of a deep cycle battery gel  shortens the life of that battery. Lead acid batteries have no storage, but must be discharged before charging.


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