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Allgrand Power 2021 Celebrate New Year Party

Allgrand people celebrate 2021 new year party

On Dec 31th, 2020, Allgrand Power Group held the 2020 annual summary and commendation meeting with the theme of "Hand in Hand to Win the Future". The senior leaders and all employees of the group attended the meeting. All Allgrand members gathered together to celebrate the 2021 New Year, and review and summarize the dedication and ideals of the year.

All departments of Allgrand power made a summary and analysis of the work in 2020. They made detailed reports on the planning,battery technology research and development, talent introduction,batteries market analysis, strategic direction, team building, etc. of the work in 2021. Strive to improve the battery quality, lower cost, faster shipping, produce first-class battery and cell to our customers, and marketing with high  quality and excellent services to the world.

In order to celebrate the 2021 New Year's Day, Allgrand power invited professional actors to perform a variety of wonderful cultural programs.


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