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Allgrand places heavy emphasis on battery R&D in order to develop new products and open up application fields for rechargeable batteries. At allgrand, fundamental research has been the cornerstone of our success. The fundamental material research team at Allgrand are a group of enthusiasm scientists and engineers from prestigious universities and research institutes.

The R&D of gel battery & lithium-ion battery is an exceedingly sophisticated systematic engineering. Our R&D center has multiple platforms including fundamental materials research, electrochemistry and mechanism research, electrochemistry and mechanism research, cell structrural parts R&D, products design evalution & failure analysis, lab-level battery prototyping and scale-up, and comprehensive assessment ofcell performance. From project initiation to mass production to logistical distribution, our cells are regulated by the most stringent set of the design evaluation process, a series of safety and abuse tests, and full-scale rigorous cell performance and durability tests, which guarantees the reliability and stability of allgrand batteries. These activities are carried out in our two main R&D centres located in Frankfurt, Germany and and at the Lithium battery production facility in Shandong, China.

The Allgrand Research Institute is a world-class complex R&D center in battery materials, simulations and characterizations. It is comprised of 5 independent laboratories, including a central analytical laboratory, a simulation center, an advanced material synthesis laboratory, a process control laboratory, and others. The allgrand's R&D team boosts approximately 100 scientists and technicians, with 80% of them holding masters or PhD degrees , many of whom have studied abroad.  

Mr. KD Merz Merz who German inventor of gel batteries was the former chief engineer of German Sunshine company and vice president of the International Federation of Advanced .

Lead Acid Batteries is our technical boss. Under Mr Merz and other engineers, Allgrand has applied for more than 100 patents of which more than 100 have already been granted.


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