Allgrand R And D System

The Allgrand R & D team takes into account a variety of factors, including temperature, humidity, wind speed, air pressure and other factors. We adhere to best practices to keep the life of our gel batteries & lithium-ion batteries as close as possible to that of the original battery.

With 34 years of market application, our products are leaders in battery performance and safety assurance. Our specialisation is in lithium-ion batteries and lead acid battery with a wide range of applications.

Advanced Material

Allgrand is the world leader in silicon anode materials for lithium-ion batteries and its performance is capable of meeting the needs of a wide range of applications, from medicine power to electric vehicles, electric cars and smartphones. Our engineers have accumulated over 34 years of experience in battery technology over the years. Basic research was crucial for the development of the high-performance, cost-effective and energy-intensive Allgrand batteries. They had to be high in performance and reliability, and have low production costs. The total power of the grande must be able to provide the highest energy density and lowest power to weight ratio of all other batteries.

Design & Analysis Platform
We have an experienced team specialized in materials science and electrochemical mechanism analysis. We are equipped with several research tools and complemented by various characterization methods that help us to better understand the physical properties of lithium-ion batteries and their properties in general.
In addition, we use a battery failure analysis system to improve the safety and sustainability of Allgrand battery cells. Allgrand's research and development center is equipped with an automated production development facility.

R&D Instruments

Allgrand is equipped with the latest instruments and test chambers and all test channels can be used. The Central Laboratory Charter covers a wide range of advanced analytical techniques related to lithium-ion batteries, including electrochemical, chemical, mechanical, electrical, thermal, magnetic and chemical analysis.

This central laboratory is also charged with improving safety and product quality in general. Allgrand has always focused its founding philosophy on adapting and optimizing cell design to focus on quality and safety - first concepts. We offer our customers an optimal holistic solution that takes into account all aspects of lead acid AGM battery and lithium-ion battery production, from design and manufacturing process to the final product. Our smart manufacturing method is a combination of integrated IT and advanced manufacturing with the best in-house expertise in battery manufacturing.

Integrated Design

Allgrand's intelligent manufacturing concept enables us to provide superior quality control to ensure that our customers "quantity requirements can be met promptly. An intelligent traceability system has been implemented to monitor the quality and safety of our lithium-ion battery production process from design to end product.


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