Allgrand Quanlity Control System

In 34 years of market introduction, Allgrand products have been leaders in battery performance and safety assurance. From design to mass production, logistics and distribution, they are subject to stringent requirements for cell performance, durability and tests that guarantee the reliability and stability of their batteries. Their performance is capable of meeting the highest standards of battery safety, reliability and reliability of any battery on the market and is capable of delivering the most reliable, reliable and reliable battery performance in its class. Specialisation is a key component of the design and manufacturing process for all large batteries.

1.) Allgrand's in-house quality management team consists of dedicated professionals equipped with the latest technology and high-quality instruments;

2.) The Quality Assurance (QA) team is responsible for the quality of materials and other imports;

3.) The calibration team is responsible for testing and calibrating all measurement devices such as lead acid gel batteries, portable batteries and lithium ion batteries;

4.) The Allgrand Quality Control Team, the Allgrand Quality Control System (QCS), is the "Quality Assurances Team" or "QA" and is responsible for quality inspection of batteries, battery components and batteries in production;

5.) The outgoing quality control team, OQC, is responsible for ensuring that the quality meets the requirements and expectations of the customer;

6.) The team's independent evaluation laboratory (IEL) is responsible for evaluating product quality and safety;

7.) PMS is also responsible for technical support, sales and service, as well as the customer service and customer support team.


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